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National Literary Landmark status for Beston's Chimney Farm

Henry Beston's most famous house, the Outermost House (or, the Fo'castle) on Eastham's Coast Guard Beach was dedicated as a National Literary Landmark on Oct. 11, 1964. The beach shanty was the setting for Beston's literary masterpiece, The Outermost House.

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Chimney Farm in Nobleboro, Maine.

The same status was bestowed upon Beston's "Chimney Farm" house in Nobleboro, Maine , where he spent the final 24 years of his life and wrote books such as Northern Farm and Herbs and the Earth, on Sunday, June 21, 2009.

The Damariscotta Lake Watershed Association and the Nobleboro Historical Society will hosted celebration at the Nobleboro Grange Hall, and celebrated the renovation of Beston's writing shack (thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers) and the dedication of Chimney Farm as a National Literary Landmark.

Speakers were Dr. Daniel Payne, who is just finishing up a biography on Beston, and Gary Lawless (caretaker of Chimney Farm, poet, and more). and Don Wilding of the Henry Beston Society..

Others who knew Beston and Elizabeth Coatsworth also spoke..

Read the preview of the event from The Lincoln County News and the account of it in The Free Press.


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"A Cape Cod Icon Returns"



Beston Society co-founder Don Wilding tells the story of how the author of The Outermost House became the spiritual father of the Cape Cod National Seashore.


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