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Taking a tour of The Outermost House

Photos by Nan Turner Waldron / Presented by The Henry Beston Society

Henry Beston's Outermost House was built in June 1925 and then claimed by the sea in February 1978. Thanks to the research, dedication and photography of Nan Turner Waldron, and the Henry Beston Society continuing the work of Beston and Waldron, you can get a quick glimpse of this National Literary Landmark through your very own computer. Call us at 508-246-7242 or visit www.henrybeston.org for more information.

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The Fo'castle as seen from Nauset Marsh.

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Stepping up to Henry's house.

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Looking north to the Coast Guard station from the house.

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Head up the steps and come on in ...

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Welcome to the Outermost House ...

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Here's the living room -- the wood
stove to the right replaced the
original fireplace in 1945.

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Have a look in the far corner. HB
always kept an abundance of books on hand.

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HB's desk, complete with kerosene lamp
and chair that HB recovered from the beach,
overlooks the dunes of Eastham.

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The late Nan Turner Waldron, author of the
book "Journey to Outermost House," writes
at HB's desk. In the background is the kitchen
area, with the "blessed pump."

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The tiny bedroom, where HB stayed
during warmer weather.


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Beston Society co-founder Don Wilding tells the story of how the author of The Outermost House became the spiritual father of the Cape Cod National Seashore.



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